Vogue World Event at Place Vendôme: A Spectacular Fusion of Fashion and Sport

The highly anticipated Vogue World event finally took place at the prestigious Place Vendôme in Paris, fulfilling the long-held dream of fashion icon Anna Wintour. This opulent affair was a convergence of beauty, glamour, and creativity, with an impressive lineup of beautiful people, celebrities, models, and performers. 

Icetime Luxe is happy to take you on a journey through the eyes of Stella Sabina Channa, the co-founder and the artistic visionary for the brand.  Let's delve into the captivating program that unfolded throughout the night, showcasing the seamless blend of French fashion and sports.

1930s - Track and Field:

The event kicked off with a homage to the 1930s, as the spirit of track and field took center stage. Balenciaga's creative director, Demna, recreated two of Cristóbal Balenciaga's iconic and modern creations from that era. In addition to these stunning pieces, custom designs specially made for the occasion were unveiled. A medley of track stars, adorned in race-worthy looks, gracefully sped around, while waiters paid tribute to Paris's famous Course des cafés, adding a touch of nostalgia and elegance to the atmosphere.

1940s - Aquatics:

Transitioning to the 1940s, the program dived into the world of aquatics. Models strutted down the runway in Jacquemus's poolside-ready pieces, playfully referencing the decade that introduced the iconic bikini. Celebrating the pioneers of swimwear, such as Louis Réard and Jacques Heim, who revolutionized beach fashion in 1946, swimming legends, activists, and artists took the stage, providing a mesmerizing conclusion to this era.

1950s - Equestrian:

The mid-century aesthetic was dominated by Dior's New Look, inspired by Victorian riding habits. This decade celebrated the equestrian world, with a showcase of five Dior Bar Suits, the epitome of Christian Dior's visionary New Look Corolle collection. The audience was treated to a captivating march of Marine Serre Aags, showcasing innovative designs. The grand finale was a sight to behold, with supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner riding through Place Vendôme on horseback, both models and stallions impeccably outfitted in exquisite Hermès attire.

1960s - Fencing:

Fashion took a futuristic turn in the 1960s, influenced by André Courrèges and Paco Rabanne, who embraced the Space Age. The program paid homage to these designers with contemporary pieces by Nicolas Di Felice and Julien Dossena, representing the Youthquake of today. Six dresses, reminiscent of the pristine uniforms worn by fencers, were modeled, capturing the essence of this revolutionary era.

1970s - Gymnastics:

The iconic Battle of Versailles, a historic fashion show held in 1973, inspired this segment. Five French and five American designers showcased their creations at the Palace of Versailles. Givenchy, among the Parisian participants, presented flowing 70s-inspired capes layered over gymnastics-esque leotards, worn by supermodels and superstars alike, celebrating the fusion of fashion and athleticism.

1980s - Martial Arts:

The era of power dressing and Japanese designers taking Paris by storm was highlighted in this segment. Saint Laurent's exaggerated shoulder designs were showcased alongside conceptual creations from Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garçons, and Noir Kei Ninomiya. Masters of martial arts joined the stage, blending the worlds of fashion and martial arts seamlessly.

1990s - Football:

Honoring France's historic first World Cup win in 1998, footballers from that iconic match were celebrated, alongside members of the Paris Île-de-France Football League. These champions of the pitch were joined by legends of the runway, including Pieter Mulier's reinterpretation of Azzedine Alaia's tricolor dress, specially created for the French bicentennial.

Celebrating 100 Years of French Fashion & Sport:

The program reached its climax with an ode to Louis Vuitton and Nicolas Ghesquière's decade as creative director. A look from each of the ten years was showcased, paying tribute to the brand's enduring legacy. Tennis superstars Serena Williams and Venus Williams graced the show, donning stunning Off-White and Marine Serre looks, respectively, adding an extra touch of star power to the event.

2010s - Breakdancing:

The final segment celebrated the 2010s with a captivating breakdance performance by the French National Team and top dancers. Showcasing Louis Vuitton Mens looks by Pharrell Williams, Loewe, Off-White, and Nike, this electrifying display of talent built up to a grand celebration, marking the perfect finale to the Vogue World event.


The Vogue World event at Place Vendôme was a truly remarkable spectacle, bringing together the worlds of fashion and sport in a harmonious fusion. From the homage paid to iconic

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